20 Years Promoting Engine in Society

Engine in Society


For more than 100 years the internal combustion (IC) engine has played a central role in our social and economic developments.

Our members provide approximately 200,000 jobs for highly skilled and motivated men and women across the world.

Engines power our daily lives. They are at the heart of modern societies.


More recently the increasingly densely populated and developed nature of our society has created new environmental demands.

Our members have responded to the challenge and through their creativity developed new technologies which made possible a dramatic reduction in the environmental and health impact that arises from the use of the internal combustion engines.

We recognise our responsibility to minimise the effect of our activities on the environment and protect it for future generations.


Internal combustion engines are sustainable solutions for an almost infinite number of propulsion and power needs.

Our members provide power solutions - diesel, petrol, gas - to enhance the business of their customers in the nonroad mobile machinery, marine propulsion and power generation markets whilst creating better technologies that benefit both the customer and the environment.

Our engines are sold worldwide and can be found in a wide range of environmental conditions: from deserts to glaciers.


Millions of euros have been devoted to research and development to continually advancing internal combustion engine technologies, reducing emissions, improving engine system efficiency and minimising operating costs.

Our member companies design and manufacture safe, reliable, quality and high performance products.

Modern advanced IC engines meet customer requirements and governmental regulations set by authorities all over the world.

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