20 Years Promoting Engine in Society

Nonroad Mobile Machinery

The workhorse of society: Where there is work to be done, there is very often an internal combustion engine powering the mechanised part of the task.

The automotive engine has become the most obvious manifestation of Rudolf Diesel's or Nikolaus Otto's great inventions. While this type of engine is making such an enormous contribution to one of the Western World's most treasured privileges - personal mobility - few realise that passenger cars are merely the most recent extension of the IC engine's vital role in making many aspects of society function. Indeed, while many would know that a truck or a bus are IC engine-powered, few realise how extensive is the market for our engines:

The engine design is strongly dictated by the very specific requirements of its major applications. It is impossible to explain the complexity of a modern internal combustion engine in a few words. More than a century of development with enormous research & development capacities worldwide has turned the technology into the unmatched driving power of our daily lives. But if one would have to put it in a nutshell: Any new system, this is clear, will have to compete with its robustness and efficiency.